New Beginnings

Hi, and welcome to my blog, Words About Words. Each week, I will post my thoughts about something related to reading and writing, and my first post is no different. So, if you like what you read here, be sure to follow so you can get more. And now, a little something about beginnings.

This is actually not my first blog. I started one in 2010. It was fun, but it was gimmicky. If you would like to check it out, go to Just don’t tell WordPress about my ex. It’s a sore subject.

In the six years since I started that blog, I posted a total of 31 times. For you non-math oriented folks, that’s barely more than five posts a year on average. I just didn’t know what to say or how to say it. I was young(er) then, and I thought I was being cool. I was wrong.

So, why do I think I can do it now? I thought about that as I put this site together, and all I can say is that my expectations for myself have changed. I’m not trying to be somebody cool that everyone wants to know. I’m trying to be me.

You see, I also had a different Twitter account, but I changed that, too. I spent way too much of my time ranting about current events and wondering why very few people were following me. But I recently finished writing a book, and in seeking representation, I realized that a web presence is something agents notice, and mine was awful. I needed to change. I needed to rebrand myself.

This isn’t something new. Every once in a while, I feel stuck in a rut and in need of an alteration of some kind. This frustrates my wife, because this usually comes in the form of changing my appearance (shave my goatee, cut my hair, etc.). But this new change was different. I had let my writing take a back seat for a long time, which I am almost positive is what led to my lack of tack on the web.

So, I created a new Twitter devoted almost exclusively to writing. Then I created this site. I wanted more than just a blog, though, and WordPress offered that. I now have a place to share my thoughts as well as post current fiction I am working on. Now, if an agent does want to know more about me, I won’t be embarrassed by what they see.


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